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Berkshire Pigs

Berkshire pigs are the main focus at ActiveLife Farm. They are kept on pasture year round
which contributes to a healthy, stress free lifestyle which in turn translates to firm, tender meat.
They have a snug, thickly bedded shelter in winter, a stand of spruce trees for shade in summer
and plenty of space to root and graze.

There are numerous wild apple trees growing throughout the pasture from which the pigs
can help themselves to the dropped fruit in autumn.
During winter and spring their diet is supplemented with apples from the Annapolis Valley.

Apple fed pork is the best!

About the Berkshire Breed:
The Berkshire originated in England, and is considered to be “Britain’s oldest pig”.
Although primarily black in colour, the Berkshire carcass dresses out completely white,
and has a high proportion of lean meat to fat. The flesh is fine in texture and has a distinct flavour.

 It is striking in its black colour, set off by four white feet, a white blaze on the face and a white-tipped tail.
An exceptionally placid natured breed with very good mothering instincts.

As a crossing breed, the Berkshire will suit any program, whether used as a sire or dam.
When mated to a white breed, the resulting progeny will inherit the Berkshire's naturally strong constitution
to withstand extremes of temperature and the easy level of feeding associated with the breed.

The Berk is a well natured pig, easy to handle and care for.

They are hardy and thrive outdoors in the Nova Scotia climate: an ideal choice of fine flavoured heritage pork
to raise for family and friends.

Berkshire sowBerkshire Boar

Berkshire Sow and Berkshire Boar from Ross Farm Museum stock.


Berkshire Gilt


To help maintain genetic diversity within the breed,
ActiveLife Farm has acquired a registered U.S bred
gilt for breeding stock.



Berkshire gilt from U.S stock.  
  Registered breeding stock and pork available.